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Create a CSA Pickup Site Where You Live or Work

With dozens of CSA farms serving the greater Chicagoland area, there ought to be one that delivers near you, right? It doesn't necessarily work out that way--but it can! You can see from our Pickup Site Map if any CSA pickups are located near you or not. One of the sections in the farmer profiles in the CSA Directory asks the farmers if they are interested in adding additional pickup locations (hint: most farms are). Use the Advanced Search option to find out which ones indicate that willingness; some will indicate preferred areas where they'd be interested in adding locations. Here are some things to consider if you'd like to add a pickup/dropoff site:

  • Find out from the farmer how many shares they'll require to add a pickup location to their schedule; some require 20 or more, some will do it with considerably fewer than that if it is relatively convenient to their current dropoff locations. You should be prepared to do a significant amount of the legwork to generate interest in the CSA; most likely the farmer will augment your efforts through her own promotional channels. Invite the farmer to visit and speak to a group of prospective customers to encourage interest.

  • If you're offering your home, store, church, or cafe as a pickup location, be prepared to work with the farmer to determine a realistic time frame for pickup by customers, a sign-out procedure for picked-up shares, a backup plan for when you're not available, and a plan for unclaimed shares. Also, consider your environment: do you have a place where the boxes of vegetables can sit for a few hours without wilting, e.g., out of the sun, an air-conditioned space. If parking is required, is it available and reasonably accessible?

  • If you'd like to have your office or workplace receive deliveries of CSA shares for you and your co-workers, go for it! You'll need to get permission internally, and you'll know best who to go to for that. (In a large company, your HR department or "green" committee would be a good place to start.) In addition to working with the farmer to determine timing, you'll need to figure out the logistics (e.g., freight elevator, security, hand trucks/dollies, elevators), where the shares can be stored, and ways of receiving delivery that won't be disruptive to the workplace. It will be helpful, if not imperative, that someone from the workplace be identified as the coordinator or point person. Among the benefits of having a workplace delivery are the opportunities for swapping produce and recipes with a built-in "community."

Band of Farmers stands at the ready to help you identify CSA farms that would be able to serve the community you create. Email us at info@bandoffarmers.org.


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